Other Wastes

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IEC has worked on following other waste for sustainable operations.

Sewage Treatment
IEC has developed an Inline Sewage Treatment (during the travel time after pumping) & also at conventional STP plants. It can reduce COD & BOD of fresh sewage up to 40% in 5-6 hours’ time.
Industrial Effluent
IEC’s products can be helpful in reducing the hazardousness of industrial effluent and create a condition to allow further processing of effluent and ultimately, to recycle for use.
Industrial Solid Waste
Number of industrial solid waste are not untreatable. One need to find out an appropriate process to utilize it. IEC has worked on number of industrial waste and turned in to saleable products, to make waste management affordable.
Industrial Hazardous Waste
Some industrial hazardous waste can be partly processed in a way, so that its hazardousness can be reduced. Then, it can be used to convert in to usable products or in to energy source for captive usage.