Water management

IEC’s InnoGro+ is a nutritive formulation which acts as a growth regulator, Hormone Stabilizer and metabolic booster specially designed by IEC to augment a healthy life cycle of mammals
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Population growth reduces availability of fresh water on per capita basis. In 1989 there was some 9,000 cubic metres of freshwater per person available for human use. By 2000, this had dropped to 7,800 cubic metres and it is expected to plummet to 5,100 cubic metres per person by 2025, when the global population is projected to reach 8 billion.

Judicious usage of every resource is now a necessity. For our future generations, we have to re-design our usage processes and patterns for ‘Sustainable Usage’ of resources.

IEC products are useful for judicious water usage. It reduces the requirements and improves utilization of water. The chemistry of IEC products action is depicted as below:
  • Converts Inorganic salts in to Organic salts for better utilization
  • Improves oxygen availability for better mineralization
  • Enhances Bio-Availability of Nutrition
  • Improves microbial population & profile in soil for reduced requirement of nutrition

Dosages and How to use it

For dirty water

Along with water through dripper / channels.