About Us

H2K Technologies, St. Michael, Barbados, was incorporated  with an objective of developing and reinventing its Ecological Solutions. Serving as a One Stop Platform for technologies, Innovations and Innovators, Products and Purposes and vision to see and help make a better world, H2K Tech is here.
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Inspired by the gist of Forest Ecology, where the equilibrium of the ecosystem is such that all the components are mutually dependent resources whose profound relationships and interactions constitute an exceedingly intricate framework of systems. Therefore our Consortium of Beneficial Microbes, Agricultural nutrients and herbal extracts, Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Supplies Engineering Technologies for Waste to Energy, Biomass Handling Strategy and Biomass Degradation Specific Microbes, Nanobreath Supplements and Inhalers, Rresearch in Medicinal Plants and every application of ours will be directed to do one specific thing only - Reinstating the Balance of Nature by ‘Inclusive & Sustainable Development’.

What Happens at H2K Tech?

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H2k Tech's Group Company, Health 2000 Canada Inc. (H2K) Has been serving the Caribbean & South America regions since 1999 with experience in the  health care industry specializing in Pharmaceuticals, OTC and medical supplies. We are committed to providing excellent customer service and high-quality, affordable products.
H2K Tech is a Platform for several of "Visions of Unison" can be realised as a platform for all (eventually) solutions for Humankind. H2K Tech has strategically  partnered up with  Innovative Eco-Care Private Limited (IEC),  India for Agriculture, Medicinal Plant Research, Waste Management and Animal / Poultry Nutriton for a comprehensive solution for the environemental sector. 
H2K Tech is partnered up with  Considaret in  Denmark for its Ground-breaking Nanobreath Inhaler Technology.
H2K Tech is one of the Investors in  Telemedicinea Platform for all consumers from doctor consultation to buying medicines

Through in-house R & D, Pilots and trials, IEC now has more than 25 products in its portfolio, along with proprietary industrial designs, process flows and component conduct procedures, which makes IEC potent to handle issues form Revitalising Eutrophic Lakes To Reviving Cattle’s Estrous Cycle To Residue Free Farming To Producing Highly Efficient Power Generation From Municipal Solid Waste.