Nanobreath Inhalers

Globally Patented VAVE Technology
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Considaret / Nanobreath

Considaret flavored straws are completely smoke-free and steam-free nicotine enjoyment, delivered in eco-friendly and clean PP plastic tubes, with extracts of natural ingredients from natural leaves, berries, fruits, roots and flowers carefully selected to bring you the smoke-free experience nature can provide without batteries or combustion.

Our Nanobreath Technology is based on science. The brain which is the receiver of signals from our senses can sometimes make a call that is not entirely true

Upon inhalation, the aromas are released much the same as entering a bakery and experiencing the sensation of freshly baked foods. In case of  Virginia Tobacco, aroma collects the Nicotine Signature (Nickeffect) and presents it to receptors in the buccal cavity that assume nicotine is present when this is not the case. Nevertheless, the neurological umbrella releases the feel good hormones that the body craves. Thus, satisfaction and enjoyment is achieved without the use of chemicals or their derivatives that can do harm. Nanobreath provides satisfaction and enjoyment. The recipes can be the pure flavor effects directly from this potent pesto, or they can be optimized with the season’s Nordic fruits and Indian spice extracts, or the Canadian liquorice, which in a wealth of compositions will give you complete satisfaction with a good after taste, varied entirely of your choice during a weekday with varied desires for sweet, sweet salt, sweet herb or mint menthol fresh.

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VAVE Technology

A safe and clean relaxation, where the Danish invention, called VAVE Technology, provides nature on natural terms.

A patented technology that guarantees smoke-free enjoyment of the effects of nature, collected in the discreet Considaret flavores straws which can be with the legal parts of the exciting extracts from the cannabis plants’ female flowers (In Denmark, the endocannabinoid activating ingredients: THC and CBD still tightly regulated)

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Fresh Ingredients

We use fresh ingredients for our extracts. These may be processed by solar heating to obtain an increased sugar content in the tobacco before the pesto is formed. This helps improve the smokefree experience.

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Discreet Design

The design is unobtrusive, so you avoid marketing the enjoyment to children and adolescents or insecure fellow passengers in the plane / bus / train / taxi / cinema while traveling. The Considaret is stylishly ergonomically designed that fits perfectly in your hand and between your lips.

Considaret Variants

A variety of selected natural flavors and great after taste