The development of the “Doctor on Call” Telemedicine platform and model is the outcome of 22 years of the research and development project implemented by Public Health and Health Technology Specialist Professor Winston G. Mendes Davidson and his research partner of 20 years, Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Rangaiah. Together, they achieved the vision of a Universally accessible and affordable telemedicine platform for ALL patients, anytime anywhere.
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This vision was inspired by the 1978 United Nations Alma Atta declaration of “Primary Health Care for All, by the year 2000” which was never achieved at that time anywhere in the World. As a founding member and the former Secretary of the American Telemedicine Association’s Latin American and Caribbean Branch, Professor Mendes Davidson continues to keep abreast of the ATA’s publications and continues to be a part of the leadership of the Telemedicine Research and Development Agenda in Jamaica and the Caribbean.

Over the years, “Doctor on Call” has kept pace with and applied products and processes derived from the rapid developments and changing landscape in the applications of information and communication technology products to medicine throughout the world. This has culminated in the present publication of the latest iteration of “Doctor on Call”, a telemedicine platform model which presently locates itself as a stable, cutting edge, user friendly, contemporary telemedicine health service system platform. This platform is represented as the essence of the stable core functions of a strategically developed and scalable telemedicine model. This model already has a series of updates in the making in preparation for early release. This is in keeping with the unrelenting research and development culture of “Doctor on Call”, which process will continue to upgrade its functions indefinitely in keeping with the advances in information and communication technology.