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One of our most fundamental needs is food – sufficient, nutritious, safe, and affordable. For 50 years or more, with a few notable and persistent exceptions, we have all benefited from the remarkable output and advances of our modern food system. Notwithstanding these accomplishments, our food production system is increasingly being stressed. Indeed, over the next few decades, demand for food is forecast by many to grow faster than supply.
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Since 1960, the world’s population has more than doubled to 6.7 billion people, and we will have more company soon: an additional 2.5 billion over the next 15 years. Just as importantly, worldwide per capita caloric intake is also rising, particularly in the developing world, as are the consumption of meat, dairy, and fresh produce, which require far greater agricultural output per calorie consumed than other forms of food. Indeed, to keep up with demand, more food will have to be produced over the next fifty years than was produced over the last 10,000 years combined! Factor in the growing use of grains for bio-fuels and demand for agricultural production is forecast to rise 3.3% per year.

Our products are based on Innovative Eco-Care Private Limited (India)'s, combined advanced microbiology, new insights in soil chemistry and the accumulated wisdom of traditional farming practices, to improve crop yields and farm profitability, while reducing or altogether eliminating the need for synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Our products are part of a reemerging biologics paradigm in the agriculture sector; a clear departure from the long-prevalent chemicals-based model. It is indeed possible have your share of bread or cake or biryani and eat it too!

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What we do?

H2K Tech Approach

Issue Based Troubleshooting
H2K Tech has methodically worked to answer the serious points of concern and developing several new approaches to address the pressing Troubles of the agriculture and farming sector of our times. From Establishing Healthy Nutrition Uptake to Saline Water Farming, To reviving Local microorganisms in the soil to Inviting Wild Honey Bees to Pollinate the flora and more of such pin-pointed yet inter-dependent issues in farming
Unified Health Management
Through H2K's Multi-pronged Innovative, Adaptive and Sustainable Approach of addressing critical issues from Soil Characteristics, Changing Weather, Interactions with and within Organisms (Friendly, Neutral and harmful), Fertilizers and Fertilization Protocols, Water Quality and Availability, Resource Availability and Local Management Practices 
Sustainable Farm Practices

The Team of H2K Tech and IEC has been active for Almost 2 decades in rediscovering  several new approaches to address the pressing issues of the agriculture and farming sector of our zeitgeist. Such as

  • Reducing the need for Fertilizer inputs from 50-70%. 
  • Reducing Pesticide / Fungicide / Bactericide use up to 95 %. 
  • Enticing Local Honey bees to the farms from neighbouring ecosystems. 
  • Increasing Bio-active molecule concentration in produces such as Turmeric (Curcumin), Ginger (Gingerol), Jamarosa (Geraniol), Lemongrass (Geraniol).
  • Elimination of Pesticide residues in Post-Harvest products through input super vision and crisis management and remedying the impact and presence of harmful drugs in post-harvest products.
iSol - A Comprehensive Fertilization Solution
iSol is a process by which enhances the ionisation of nutrient salts for improving their mobility and availability in a given nutrient solution, and improving the Fertilizer Use Efficiency of the same.
As we are aware that solubility of ions of minerals salts depend on the pH of the media, the right pH maintained along with the proper buffer in the media, the nutrient capacity can be enhanced. 

Benefits of I-Sol: 
1. Reduction in fertilizer requirements up to 40 – 50% 
2. No more over loading of fertilizers in soils, hence better soil pH management 
3. No excess Nitrogen uptake, hence reduced sucking pest & related diseases 
4. Better flower & fruit set and uniform fruit size & shape 
5. Lesser labour & material cost in account of Pest Management Formulation:

Agriculture Related Problem & Solution

Issue / Problem Description Suggested Treatment Dose Application Type Remarks
Salinity of Soil AquaChil chelates and ionizes salts to stop precipitation and allows plant to select ions and conduct active transport of mineral ions AquaChil 1 ml / L Spray on Soil before Irrigation by Flooding
Nutrient Mobility Spray on Soil before Irrigation by Flooding i-Surge 5 ml/L On Soil Repeat Alternate Irrigation or Every irigation of Issue is Severe
Nitrogen Catalysis and Regulation The uptake of nitrogenous nutrient in the form of the Nitrate ion can be catalyzed by Wholesom which contains Sulphur in a peculiar conformity that allows nitrogen catalysis. Wholesom Irrigation: 1 L / Acre ; Foliar: 3 ml / L water Both: Foliar Spray and With Irrigation Water Repeat after 7-10 days

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